Once again the AlienWeiiiRDo himself does it again. Dropping his 10th project, CROSSROADS, Marsalis Davis expresses why he's one of greatest artist on the rise. CROSSROADS is a checkpoint of his life journey, to where he is now through what he's witnessed and has escape from. From heavy drug use, suicidal attempts, and full despair, he now finds himself at a point in life where he is taking the universe with his own hands and molding it into his own ideals.

Marsalis Davis

Dwell into a more conscious side of the Martian. He grazes the ice a little with some of the battles he's facing internally and externally as well as dealing with everyday life.

Link: S.O.M EP

Marsalis Davis
Out Of This World

OutOfThisWorld is an EP based on a New Wave Marsalis Davis has been working with. Filled with so many different arrangements and flows he's definitely taking his music into a different galaxy.


Marsalis Davis
LuV N' De SkYZz - New Album Release

As of Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, Marsalis released a rocking new album titled " LuV N' De SkYZz".

LuV N' De SkYzz is a small dimension into Marsalis's love and relationship life. Each song is a different story, a different tunnel, a different universe he's explored through his life with the women he's connected with. An album full of dark and yet colorful expressions. Martty holds nothing back on this project, just listen to CheaterZ & LiarZ and witness pain and NO FUCKS GIVEN ! Marsalis just wants to let his listeners know that love isn't always easy, so you shouldn't rush anything. Just live your life and the right one with soon enough bless you.



Artwork by Khadijah Murray & Marsalis Davis